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 Introduction to Teleios Institute

Our Mission

To raise up a generation who know their God, who know their identity in Him, and who know how to bring His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Our Vision

To see the whole earth filled with His Glory.

Our Name

TELEIOS is a Greek word meaning mature, complete and perfected. We are on a journey to equip believers to maturity in Christ for their work of service to God.

Who We Are

We are an apostolic center housing several like-hearted ministries/businesses who are bringing our strengths together in specific ways in order to carry out strategic assignments from the Lord to establish His purposes on the earth. We believe God’s five-fold governmental wineskin is necessary in order to hold the new wine of revival and cultural transformation and usher in His return.

Our Background

About 16 years ago in Bolivar, MO the core team who eventually established Cornelius Connection International believed it was necessary in the coming days of the Kingdom for equipping centers with houses of prayer to arise. We began to dream of what that would look like: a wide range of topics being taught to equip believers to live and move and have their being in Christ, day and night prayer, healing rooms, and pastoral care.

In 2008 the Lord gave Becky Castle a discipleship and healing model called The Exchange. The Exchange was first implemented at Convergence Church, Fort Worth, TX where Becky taught a nine week course on the power of the Cross and Resurrection Life of Christ in the believer, along with training about 15-20 people in a restoration/healing ministry model.

Within a few months Becky was asked to take that training into a church in Houston where the pastor had been involved in immorality resulting in the church being seriously broken. With a team of 18 they brought the church back to biblical foundations of faith and healing which kept the church alive. Becky ended up staying at that church and built out The Exchange within the people and began to offer it to the city. The church also became affiliated with Chuck Pierce’s network, Global Spheres, in Denton, TX.

As the Lord continued to unveil the Kingdom to the church body they responded to the leadership of the Lord to move into the five-fold government and raise up an apostolic center that would resource the region and nations in Kingdom living. This center is now called Freedom Outpost Houston.

One of the main callings of this ministry is to model and help establish the ministry of reconciliation in individuals but also among ministries. We have eight ministries/businesses housed in one facility all learning and giving of their resources one to another in order to fulfill assignments from God in a more complete and full way.

Together we have entered into Teleios Institute for the equipping of the saints for the work of service until all attain to the unity of faith and the knowledge of the fullness of Christ.