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Adam Chaney
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Adam is a student at heart who loves the Bible and theological study. Adam is filled with a passion for the advancement of the global church. He desires to see unity and charity amongst the Body of Christ, which transcends denominational lines and cultivates effective social justice reform in the earth. He is convinced of his calling to preach, teach, and spread the message of truth found only in the testimony of scripture and activity of Christ’s church.

Biographical Overview

The best way to describe Adam is student, worshiper, and builder. He invests most of his time pursuing a deeper revelation and knowledge of the Triune God. He loves moments of where he encounters new revelation. He enjoys discovering theological and historical connections between the Old and New Testament. He believes in loving and worshipping God with the mind as well as the body and spirit.
His primary areas of biblical and theological interests include: Old and New Testament pneumatology, the gospel of Luke, systematic theology, biblical justice, historical theology, and ecclesiology. Other areas of interest and study include: Bowen Family Systems theory, the rise and fall of Nazi Germany, neurology, architecture, and horticulture.

Adam is passionate about helping people find their calling in the Lord and executing their visions. He is a builder who finds joy in helping people live out the dreams God has given them. He is always looking for new projects and ministries to invest his energy in.

Adam is also very passionate about loving and serving his family well. He desires to love his wife in the way that Christ loves the church. He desires to raise children that far surpass that of his own devotion to the Lord. He and his wife Christa enjoy discipling young couples in the ways of godly marriage.

After finishing his Master’s degree at Baylor, Adam aspires to continue his education with doctoral work in theology. He hopes to one day teach at the collegiate level while simultaneously continuing in full-time ministry.

Adam was born and raised in Houston, Texas and lived near the historic Houston Heights neighborhood most of his life. He now resides with his wife Christa and daughter Eliyah in Riesel, Texas, right outside of Waco, where he is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Riesel. Adam was ordained to the gospel ministry by Baptist Temple Church in the Heights in May of 2011 and served as their Associate Pastor for more than four years. He has a Bachelor Degree in Christian Theology from Houston Baptist University and is currently working on a Master of Divinity Degree with a concentration in theology at Baylor University’s Truett Theological Seminary.

Adam’s life dramatically shifted in the summer of 2009 after returning from a short-term missions trip to Ethiopia with Samaritans Purse International Relief. It was on that trip where he personally witnessed the miraculous supernatural power of the Holy Spirit for the first time. Upon returning to the states, Adam surrendered to a call to full-time ministry. In a few months, Adam and a few friends, including his future bride, founded a Houston based house of prayer. Two years later, after meeting Cat French and Becky Castle, that house of prayer evolved into the intercessory prayer meeting of Exodus Cry Houston. Eventually, Adam stepped away from his role as director of that house of prayer and began working for and being mentored by Cat. He then helped her establish Elijah Rising, growing the organization from a one-hour prayer meeting to where it is today. At Elijah Rising, Adam served in many roles including Van Tours coordinator, Awareness Director, media relations, Mobilization Director, album producer, Justice Summit M.C., and teacher.

Adam serves on the CCI board and is a certified Exchange facilitator. Adam also serves on the Freedom Outpost Houston worship team occasionally.

Instructor, visionary, and ardent cheerleader!
When Adam does not have his head in a book or his hand on a power point remote, he is enjoying time at home with his stunningly beautiful wife and daughter. Additionally, it is well known that Adam is a zealous football fanatic. It does not really matter who is playing because he is always watching, but Go Texans and Sic Em Bears!