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Becky Castle
Becky CastleTeleios Founder, Staff and Instructor
Becky is the Founder and Executive Director of Cornelius Connection International. She plays a lead role in Freedom Outpost Houston and Teleios Institute. She is a gifted apostle who brings many kinds of ministry leaders and people together to advance Kingdom initiatives. Click on the section headings (+) to the right to learn more about Becky.

Biographical Overview

Becky is the Founder and Executive Director of Cornelius Connection International. She plays a lead role in Freedom Outpost Houston and Teleios Institute. Her mission is to bring Kingdom-minded people together and move them as one to shift places into their right order. Becky loves helping people break through their personal barriers, as well as helping people apply God’s Word to their circumstances and discover what God is saying and doing in their situation in order for them to move with Him. She enjoys bringing clarity where there is confusion so that individuals can align their life with God’s plans and purposes.
Becky has a BA from UT Arlington as well as an MRE from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. She served in youth and college ministry for the next 14 years in Texas and Missouri as well as spending a year teaching English in China.

In 1992, she accepted a position in the Missions and Ministries office at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. As Director of Missions, Becky prepared hundreds of students each year to serve in both domestic and overseas missions. Through the oversight of the university’s small group ministries and one-on-one counseling, she led many students into a life of discipleship with the message of the cross and resurrection of Christ—resulting in many being emotionally healed and equipped to serve God in effective ministry.

In 1995, Becky received a vision from the Lord to begin a local fellowship, River of Life Community Church, in the same region to establish the message of Christ in us, the hope of glory, living through His Bride.

During this time she began to see the critical need to bring the teachings of the power of the cross and resurrection of Jesus into practical application to the lives of believers. Since then she has been teaching, training and ministering to believers this powerful life-changing message. She also has a strong desire to help equip and release worshippers and intercessors through regional houses of prayer as well as networking individuals and groups to work together to establish true, lasting cultural change. Cornelius Connection International (CCI) was birthed out of these callings. The name grew out of an encounter Becky had while traveling back from a mission trip in Bosnia in 2005. She heard the Lord communicating, “If you could network networks you could take nations.” She realized the Lord was shifting her calling from pastoral to the apostolic. Although Becky has a pastoral heart and gifts, fundamentally she is an apostle who is doing the work of effectively and practically building and advancing the Body of Christ.

Also Becky was reading a book on governmental authority that expounded upon the story of Cornelius and his encounter with Peter impacted her. His encounters with God and then Peter were supernatural and transformative. This connection between Peter and Cornelius broke open the whole Gentile race to the gospel. The Lord birthed a new vision in Becky to network networks by helping strategically and supernaturally connect people to advance the gospel in a manner like that between Peter and Cornelius.

In 2006, Becky fully transitioned to build CCI in Fort Worth, TX. The Lord began to bring together her many years of counseling, inner healing, and deliverance experiences with the revelation of the power of the cross and resurrection. She began to train and equip leaders, and then the Body of Christ in a 9 week course she developed called The Exchange. In the next 2 years, two congregations were radically shifted because they experienced the transformational power of the Gospel learning how to exchange lies they believed for the profound truth of God. One of these churches was about to close their doors, but God so revealed Himself and the way of living in Christ and Him in us that they were set free.

In 2008, Becky relocated to Houston to work with this body of believers. Once there the Lord began to reveal the apostolic nature of Becky’s calling, connecting her to Chuck Pierce and to several other ministries which now have become a regional hub called Freedom Outpost Houston.

Becky oversees this apostolic center where 8 ministries and businesses join together synergistically to pursue the advancement of the Kingdom. CCI continues to bring the plumbline message of the Cross and Resurrection calling believers to live lives yielded fully to God as well as releasing His Presence and government on earth as it is in Heaven.

Becky is on the leadership team of Teleios Institute and is also an instructor.
Becky loves to joke around and is pretty sure she’d like being a stand-up comedian. If you can catch her taking a break on the weekend, she might be watching football drinking some iced tea.

Personal Impact Testimonials

Considering taking one of Becky’s classes? Below are some testimonials of the impact her classes have had on lives of previous students.

Freedom Exchange

The Exchange brings true freedom. The biblical truths that are revealed through these teachings are liberating to the renewing of the mind which will cause you to live and function from your heavenly position and place in Christ Jesus. It has shifted my disposition as a Believer.

Pete Carrasquillo, Founder

Stepping into My Destiny

In my first Exchange I replaced the lie that I was not worthy of God sharing secrets of His heart with me for the truth that God shares His secrets with the righteous. In my second Exchange I replaced the lie that I could not protect people around me, for the truth that God Himself protects the people in my life. Hundreds of Exchanges made on a daily basis since then have been equally profound. I could never have stepped into a fuller measure of my destiny as a leader in the body of Christ for the cause of justice without The Exchange.

Cat French, Founder

Thinking Revolution

The Exchange has revolutionized my way of thinking as a Christian! Since I’ve taken the Exchange class, I’ve come to truly understand what it means to walk in God’s peace!

Eric Perez

Set Free

The Exchange has been a journey through the Father’s heart. My eyes have been opened to the lies I believed about His love for me and I’ve exchanged them for the truth. I’ve been set free.

Maggie Carrasquillo, Founder

Greater Faith

I used to think I had to accept my past for what it was. My choices, other’s choices, it did not matter because I believed that what has happened was unchangeable and I just simply had to move on and live with it. But what the Exchange has taught me that God has always been a part of my life even before I knew Him. It has taught me to believe in His process and to believe Him when he says, ‘in all things God works for the good of those who love him’ (Rom. 8:28). Now, when I come to a stuck place in my life, I no longer need to accept facts for face value. I have the blessed opportunity to ask, ‘God, what do You have to say about this?

Hayden Hernandez

Life Changing!

Life changing!!!  My foundation is much improved. I feel like I am just beginning to understand and experience what being in Christ is all about. I feel equipped to continue growing in depending on and abiding in Him.

Diane Irwin

Wooing My Heart

I soaked in so much. And most importantly, I learned how to dialogue with the Lord and become dependent on Him for so much more in my life. This was a time of Him wooing me and winning my heart.

Rachel Boone

Deeper With God

This class has provided tools and a scripturally based vehicle to move into a deeper relationship with God, to encounter Jesus in areas where I hadn’t seen Him before and more fully understand all Holy Spirit longs to do, not only for me but with me.

Jackie Edmonds

It’s About Knowing God

I recommend this class to everybody who has a heart’s desire to have as much intimacy as possible with Jesus and everyone who wants to become whole in Christ.  I believe that what is taught in this class should be a basic teaching in every church.  Because it’s about knowing God, and knowing how to experience God.  What could be more important for a believer than that?

Cyrill Mast

A way of removing hindrances

I love the exchange ministry. It is a way for God to remove hindrances from your life, causing a deeper relationship with you and God. My first exchange lead me to forgiving my mother, and exchanging the lie that I wasn’t good enough to be loved by God. Another exchange lead me to break curses that I subsequently held on to as a child….. I urge you to take this class. It’s very helpful.

Terrence McGee