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John Tisdale
John TisdaleTeleios Institute Staff and Instructor
John is passionate about helping people break free of old religious paradigms and move into deeper levels of intimacy with the Lord. He loves turning things inside out to see familiar truths from new perspectives to gain new insights into God’s kingdom and how it operates and interacts with this temporary reality. He enjoys helping people break out of their self-imposed constraints and barriers and into their destinies to make an impact on the earth.

Biographical Overview

John Tisdale is a worshiper who loves experiencing God’s presence and receiving revelation of Him and His Kingdom. First and foremost, he is a writer who engages people through his writings to help them understand who they are in Christ and to bring their lives more fully into alignment with Him and His purposes. He also enjoys teaching and interacting with people as they allow this revelation to break off old mindsets and more fully inform the fullness of life available to them in Christ.

John Tisdale graduated from Williams Baptist College with an Associate degree in Biblical Studies. He then graduated from Southwest Baptist University with a Bachelor degree in Theological Studies. He also worked toward a double Bachelors degree in Computer Science/Programming. He attended Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City and while working toward his Masters in Divinity for 3 years, he also taught formal classes on using computers and technology in ministry. Since then, he has worked both in the fields of ministry and technology.

John designed and built technology solutions for companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Hewlett Packard. He has worked extensively throughout Silicon Valley building dot com startups such as The Christian Internet Initiative,, Online Christian Evangelistic Alliance Network (OCEAN), and Jesus Central. He has worked in media production (audio and video production) including spending 7 years building an international satellite and Internet television network for the computer industry (Technology Education Network – TEN TV). John produced Microsoft’s globally televised launch of Windows 95. He also produced Hewlett Packard’s launch of their LasterJet printer product line.

John has been a technology innovator and was instrumental in the early development of some key Internet technologies starting in the mid-90’s. He worked with and learned from many of the CEOs and leaders in the technology industry. He took the cutting-edge technology skills he was using in Silicon Valley and helped ministry leaders learn to apply them to the task of reaching a global audience via technology. He consulted for many faith-based ministries such as Billy Graham Evangelistic Network, Campus Crusade for Christ International, Focus on the Family, Feed the Children, Christian Broadcasting Network, International House of Prayer/KC, Family Life, Bruce Wilkinson, Josh McDowell, etc.

John has written for several Christian and technology magazines. He has published several books including his more recent Of Men and Angels, Visions of Heaven, and his forthcoming book The Five Gardens. He currently resides in Houston, Texas with his wife Anita. Currently, John provides solution and data architecture services in the oil and gas industry. He also serves as Chair of the OGC PipelineML Standards Working Group where he is developing open data interchange standards for the pipeline industry.

Through a series of divine appointments, John moved from Kansas City where he was a member of Mike Bickle’s church for many years prior to him launching the International House of Prayer. He relocated to a small rural college town in Southwest Missouri called Bolivar in 1998. There, the Lord connected him with Becky Castle who was serving as the pastor of a small church. Becky had a powerful anointing on her life. She had a profound impact on John’s life and they developed a life-long friendship that continues to this day. Since that time, John has been involved in helping build up, launch and support the various ministry initiatives Becky has started. John has relocated his family from Bolivar to Fort Worth and then Houston to help support Becky’s work. The Lord has partnered John with Becky to impact the lives of millions of people around the world with the Kingdom message the Lord has so clearly honed in Becky’s life and ministry.

John serves on the Leadership Team of Teleios Institute and is also an instructor. He builds the media and technology solutions for Teleios (including this website). He is also developing interactive distance learning systems and content.
John loves learning and discovery. He enjoys researching and studying new ideas and concepts. His favorite topics of study include theology, Christology, physics, cosmology, dimensionality, quantum mechanics, string theory, genetics and the interactions between God’s kingdom and the physics that drive this reality. His hobbies including photography, videography/film-making, woodworking and writing.