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Kerri Shepard
Kerri ShepardTeleios Staff and Instructor
Kerri is the DFW area Exchange Director and the Director of the Exchanged Life Track in Fort Worth. She is also a Teleios instructor and staff member. Others have noticed her ability to take the hard things in life, suspend and encounter the Lord, walk it out with Him, and then create a language to testify in a way that connects with people that empowers them to encounter the Lord for themselves. Click on the section headings (+) to the right to learn more about Kerri.

Biographical Overview

Kerri is all about displaying the nature of God so that she and everyone around her experience Him in greater depths. One of her favorite things is to encounter Him with others and watch as He reveals His character and nature, shifting everything as people encounter Him for themselves. Her aim in life is to become more progressively intimately acquainted with Him—to know Him personally for herself in every area—and to cause others to know Him as well. Kerri is a dynamic teacher and apostolic leader that models and imparts hearing God for yourself in all that she does. She is passionate about helping people cross over and inherit the land God has promised them by equipping and empowering them. Kerri loves to come alongside people in the hard places, hear their heart, suspend with them to hear the Lord, and then help them take what the Lord revealed to bring life and clarity. Her classes are full of God encounters, as she believes revelation was designed to bring us face to face with God. Kerri is the DFW area Exchange Director.
Kerri has a B.A. and M.S. from California Baptist University. She is a licensed minister and has been in ministry in several different capacities since 1997, including youth, discipleship, counseling, administration and teaching. In 1991, Kerri surrendered to a call to missions and ministry. Torn between the mission field in Africa and becoming a marriage and family counselor, Kerri knew the bottom line was that she wanted to serve the Lord by helping people experience transformation. After a few years in a counseling group practice, Kerri shifted back into ministry searching for the transforming power of God. In 1998, Kerri and her husband, Jon, were introduced to the things of the Spirit and began to grow rapidly in their faith and understanding of who they were in Christ. Many miracles and moves of God occurred in this exciting time.

Then in 2007, Kerri heard Becky Castle teach for the first time and everything changed. She saw in Becky a combination of intimacy and authority that she had never witnessed before. It was the first day of the rest of her Christian life as terms like righteousness began to have real personal meaning. The first time Kerri experienced an exchange ministry session, she knew she was encountering the transforming power of God she had been searching for. Kerri began to be mentored by Becky and helped her build out The Exchange ministry in Fort Worth. In 2012, Becky and Kerri partnered with Convergence Church to launch the Exchanged Life Track in their supernatural ministry school. The Exchanged Life Track has grown to over 50 students including 2nd and 3rd year activation and internship tracks.

Kerri lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband, Jon, their two teenage sons and their enormous yellow Lab, Boss.

Kerri is the DFW area Exchange Director and the Director of the Exchanged Life Track in Fort Worth. She is also a Teleios instructor and staff member.
Kerri loves to laugh. In her spare time, you might find her playing a card game with her family, watching one of her sons run track, or curled up on the sofa reading a novel. She loves healing in all its forms, including helping people with strategic supplements to walk in greater physical health. Her favorite place is at the beach with her three guys.

Personal Impact Testimonials

Considering taking one of Kerri’s classes? Below are some testimonials of the impact her classes have had on lives of previous students.

Life Changing!

Life changing!!!  My foundation is much improved. I feel like I am just beginning to understand and experience what being in Christ is all about. I feel equipped to continue growing in depending on and abiding in Him.

Diane Irwin

Wooing My Heart

I soaked in so much. And most importantly, I learned how to dialogue with the Lord and become dependent on Him for so much more in my life. This was a time of Him wooing me and winning my heart.

Rachel Boone

Deeper With God

This class has provided tools and a scripturally based vehicle to move into a deeper relationship with God, to encounter Jesus in areas where I hadn’t seen Him before and more fully understand all Holy Spirit longs to do, not only for me but with me.

Jackie Edmonds

It’s About Knowing God

I recommend this class to everybody who has a heart’s desire to have as much intimacy as possible with Jesus and everyone who wants to become whole in Christ.  I believe that what is taught in this class should be a basic teaching in every church.  Because it’s about knowing God, and knowing how to experience God.  What could be more important for a believer than that?

Cyrill Mast