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Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides answers to commonly asked questions. If you find a question that meets your need, click it to reveal the answer. If your question is not answered here, please use the contact form to submit your question.

Is Teleios Institute an accredited school?

At this time the leadership of Teleios Institute has not sought to pursue accreditation. Our primary focus is on teaching, training and empowering individuals to bring the Kingdom strategically into the world to bring transformation. This training is focused on building up individuals in a deep understanding of the Word of God to ensure they are aligned with God’s principles first and foremost. Second, we prepare individuals to take their unique gifts, skills and vision to bring transformation to the places and purposes to which God has called them. We are focused on providing the practical tools people need to make their imprint on the world. We do not believe accreditation is necessary to impart to these things into people’s heart, lives and callings.

If I apply for a class and do not get accepted, will I receive a refund for my payment or deposit?

Yes, if you apply to attend any class at Teleios and for some reason your application into the class is not accepted, you will receive a full refund for any payments or deposit you have made. Feel free to use our Contact Form if you have any more specific questions about the application process of payments.

Do you offer any financial aid to assist with class costs?

At this time, Teleios does not offer any financial assistance to students. We believe it is important to establish a fresh perspective on investing financially in your spiritual growth. We also believe the Lord is faithful to answer your prayers and meet your needs when you step out in faith to what He is leading you to do. You are welcome to use our Contact Form to get in touch with us to learn more about these biblical principles and have us believe together that the Lord is able to accomplish much more than you have previously believed possible in your life.