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Apostolic Worship Expression (AWE)

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Apostolic Worship Expression (AWE) is a class taught by John & Anita Tisdale on Thursday evenings for 6 weeks at Launch Houston. Choose individual or couple price below. Also please indicate whether you will be attending class in person or online. See the description below for information on the content of this course.


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Instructors: John & Anita Tisdale

Start Date: Oct 4, 2018

End Date: Nov 8, 2018

Class Schedule: Thursdays 7:00-9:00 PM (6 weeks)

Location: Houston, TX and live streaming anywhere

Facility: Launch Houston (formerly Freedom Outpost Houston)

Apostolic Worship Expression (AWE) is an emerging expression of how we engage the majestic glory of God. In this 6-week class, we will begin giving some language to this worship experience emerging in our apostolic community. This end-time move of God will manifest in numerous expressions throughout the Earth. We are entering into a season in which the Lord is building up an army of worshippers who operate in this highly effective form of engagement. In this class, we will explore some of the foundational principles and defining characteristics of AWE. It pertains to worshippers, musicians, intercessors, singers, artists, dancers and worship leaders. The intended outcome is to provide understanding and impartation to more strategically fulfill your roll in this Kingdom mandate.

So, what is Apostolic Worship Expression? It is focused on high praise, breakthrough intercession and prophetic revelation through real-time throne room interactions. As a corporate apostolic community, we experience connectivity with the heart of God and with one another for a common Kingdom objective to reign and carry His government. As we encounter the Lord with wholehearted expressions of awe, He unleashes His decree, accompanied by governing sounds filled with anointing and authority. In agreement, we take our place as His Church to legislate His Kingdom within our dominion. As we operate in this Divine partnership, we realize the authority and power our voices carry to establish God’s government, dislodge injustice and displace foreign gods. This prepares the way for Christ’s return.

Class Syllabus

Click HERE to hear John and Anita sharing about this upcoming class.

Here are some Sample Resources in order for you to get to know the Tisdales better.

CLICK HERE for short audio sample of Anita recently leading worship.

CLICK HERE for audio 5 minute sample of an interactive approach to Experiencing Worship taught by Anita.

WATCH SLIDESHOW of John teaching on the Power of Agreement.


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