Exchange Class Ft. Worth

//Exchange Class Ft. Worth

It’s About Knowing God

I recommend this class to everybody who has a heart’s desire to have as much intimacy as possible with Jesus and everyone who wants to become whole in Christ.  I believe that what is taught in this class should be a basic teaching in every church.  Because it’s about knowing God, and knowing how to [...]

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Deeper With God

This class has provided tools and a scripturally based vehicle to move into a deeper relationship with God, to encounter Jesus in areas where I hadn’t seen Him before and more fully understand all Holy Spirit longs to do, not only for me but with me.

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Wooing My Heart

I soaked in so much. And most importantly, I learned how to dialogue with the Lord and become dependent on Him for so much more in my life. This was a time of Him wooing me and winning my heart.

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Life Changing!

Life changing!!!  My foundation is much improved. I feel like I am just beginning to understand and experience what being in Christ is all about. I feel equipped to continue growing in depending on and abiding in Him.

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