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Teleios Institute Testimonials

Exchange Class Testimonials

Freedom Exchange

The Exchange brings true freedom. The biblical truths that are revealed through these teachings are liberating to the renewing of the mind which will cause you to live and function from your heavenly position and place in Christ Jesus. It has shifted my disposition as a Believer.

Pete Carrasquillo, Founder

Stepping into My Destiny

In my first Exchange I replaced the lie that I was not worthy of God sharing secrets of His heart with me for the truth that God shares His secrets with the righteous. In my second Exchange I replaced the lie that I could not protect people around me, for the truth that God Himself protects the people in my life. Hundreds of Exchanges made on a daily basis since then have been equally profound. I could never have stepped into a fuller measure of my destiny as a leader in the body of Christ for the cause of justice without The Exchange.

Cat French, Founder

Thinking Revolution

The Exchange has revolutionized my way of thinking as a Christian! Since I’ve taken the Exchange class, I’ve come to truly understand what it means to walk in God’s peace!

Eric Perez

Set Free

The Exchange has been a journey through the Father’s heart. My eyes have been opened to the lies I believed about His love for me and I’ve exchanged them for the truth. I’ve been set free.

Maggie Carrasquillo, Founder

Greater Faith

I used to think I had to accept my past for what it was. My choices, other’s choices, it did not matter because I believed that what has happened was unchangeable and I just simply had to move on and live with it. But what the Exchange has taught me that God has always been a part of my life even before I knew Him. It has taught me to believe in His process and to believe Him when he says, ‘in all things God works for the good of those who love him’ (Rom. 8:28). Now, when I come to a stuck place in my life, I no longer need to accept facts for face value. I have the blessed opportunity to ask, ‘God, what do You have to say about this?

Hayden Hernandez

Life Changing!

Life changing!!!  My foundation is much improved. I feel like I am just beginning to understand and experience what being in Christ is all about. I feel equipped to continue growing in depending on and abiding in Him.

Diane Irwin

Wooing My Heart

I soaked in so much. And most importantly, I learned how to dialogue with the Lord and become dependent on Him for so much more in my life. This was a time of Him wooing me and winning my heart.

Rachel Boone

Deeper With God

This class has provided tools and a scripturally based vehicle to move into a deeper relationship with God, to encounter Jesus in areas where I hadn’t seen Him before and more fully understand all Holy Spirit longs to do, not only for me but with me.

Jackie Edmonds

It’s About Knowing God

I recommend this class to everybody who has a heart’s desire to have as much intimacy as possible with Jesus and everyone who wants to become whole in Christ.  I believe that what is taught in this class should be a basic teaching in every church.  Because it’s about knowing God, and knowing how to experience God.  What could be more important for a believer than that?

Cyrill Mast

A way of removing hindrances

I love the exchange ministry. It is a way for God to remove hindrances from your life, causing a deeper relationship with you and God. My first exchange lead me to forgiving my mother, and exchanging the lie that I wasn’t good enough to be loved by God. Another exchange lead me to break curses that I subsequently held on to as a child….. I urge you to take this class. It’s very helpful.

Terrence McGee

Dream Class Testimonials

Impacted by Dreams

This past year was difficult and I couldn’t hear God much in prayer, but I was having dreams left and right. After being equipped in Cheri’s class, I’m in awe at the mountain of treasure the Lord was actually giving me through my dreams!

Lisa Whiting

Thank You

What is so amazing is that this dream speaks of what I am going through now, but how a few months ago I kept praying and asking God to make me like that tree that Psalms speaks of. But there is a song “and I want to be like a tree planted by the streams of living water….unmoveable, unshakeable, let my roots go down deep” that was the song I kept singing a few months ago. And the constant fear I feel is that I am not meant for God or that I lost my chance to be part of what He has for me. Thank you for your interpretation.


Received an impartation

Thank you so much for coming to teach and share with us last weekend! We really enjoyed it and I think all of us who were involved with the workshop received impartation and a faith increase for what the Lord is speaking all the time in dreams.


Prophetic Class Testimonials

Spirit of Revelation

Cheri’s class is an equipping class for the saints!!! Since taking the class, my dream life has increased, including specific dreams to encourage specific people. My ability to discern the Lord’s symbolic language has increased, and the eyes of my heart have been opened! The spirit of revelation is present in Cheri’s classes! What a blessing she is to the body!!

Lara Lanpheir

Learning To Hear His Voice

Cheri’s class has been a huge influence in my walk with the Lord. It has given me even more proof that the God of the Universe cares for me, talks to me, and wants to partner with me in Kingdom business. I have learned how to “hear” what God is saying through dreams. This is an important time in history and we need to be listening to the voice of the Master and dreams are one more way to know what He is saying.

Sarah Vollet
Registered Nurse

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